Tawjeeh Consultancy

The Tawjeeh consultancy aims to educate workers about UAE labor laws. Employees and employers must be aware of UAE labor law in order for a business to run smoothly. Tawjeeh offers seminars on UAE labor law that cover all of its aspects. The seminars are led by human resources experts with extensive experience and knowledge of the subject. 

After the seminar, employees will know what their rights and responsibilities are under UAE labor law. Employers will also benefit from the seminar because they will learn how to hire and manage employees legally in the UAE. Tawjeeh consulting is an important service for businesses in the UAE because it makes sure that both employers and employees know their legal rights and responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the service of Tawjeeh?

Tawjeeh is a service offered by the government of Dubai that helps employers and employees get work permits and contracts of employment. Employees also get training and information about their rights and responsibilities, which helps them understand them.

Employers can visit the Tawjeeh website to learn more about the service and how it can help their business. The website has information about how to get a work permit and an employment contract. The Tawjeeh service is a big part of what the Dubai government does to make sure that businesses and workers in the city have all the information they need to do their jobs legally. If you want to take Tawjeeh Consultancy, you can get help and more information from QUICK DCC right now.

What does level 1 of skill mean in UAE?

In the UAE, a person’s “skill level” is determined by their line of work. There are four occupational levels in the UAE, with Level 1 being the most senior and Level 4 being the most junior. The United Arab Emirates has a large number of occupations at levels 2 and 3. You must be in a professional or managerial position to be considered a Level 1 employee. Level 1 occupations include doctors, lawyers, and engineers. To meet the requirements of a Level 2 worker, manual labor is required. Level 2 occupations include electricians, plumbers, and mechanics, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A manual labor job qualifies you for the Level 3 classification. Level 3 occupations include construction workers, janitors, and maids. A Level 4 worker must have an unskilled job that does not require manual labor. Clerks, salespeople, and security officers are examples of Level 4 jobs. In the UAE, your ability to perform the duties of a job determines your employment eligibility and, as a result, your compensation and benefits.